About Us

We are a tad software team operating from India, the USA, and the world since 2021, with a mission to produce marquee software for teams and doers who make things.

Our Philosophy

Our culture best defines with the eight values that collectively form the core philosophy of "BE HUMANE"

  1. BBe the change: We lead by example.
  2. EEngage: We grow and succeed when we do it together. We commit to bringing our whole selves to work, to looking after one another, and engaging with authenticity and courage.
  3. HHygge: We work in hygge work culture.
  4. UUbiquitous: We are ubiquitous about one thing "software development".
  5. MMacGyver: We try to deliver innovative products in the best possible way within planned resources.
  6. AAsk: We keep asking our customers what problem they want us to solve.
  7. NNimbleness: Have a sustained ability to quickly and effectively respond to the demands of change while continually delivering high performance.
  8. EExecution: We believe in execution matters, by preparedness and timing.

Our core values inspire us to go in a direction that differs us from the conventional business model and helps us to develop an innovative software product with long term impact.


Startup Registration : DIPP82086