Public Client

The Public Client API lets you interact with the client


#runAsUser(command: String, targetId: String)

Allows to make the client send a message/run a command.


command: String
IRC command to run, this is in the same format that a client would send to the server (eg: JOIN #test).
targetId: String
The id of the channel to simulate the command coming from. Replies will go to this channel if appropriate

#createChannel(attributes: Object)

Allows to create a new channel.


id: Number
The id of the channel, defaults to 0.
messages: Array of Msg
The messages of the channel, defaults to empty array.
name: String
The name of the channel, defaults to empty string.
key: String
The key of the channel, defaults to empty string.
topic: String
The topic of the channel, defaults to empty string.
type: Chan.Type
The type of the channel, defaults to CHANNEL. Available types: CHANNEL, LOBBY, QUERY, SPECIAL. Special is used for banlist, invitelist, channellist or ignorelist.
state: Chan.State
The state of the channel, defaults to PARTED, Possible states: PARTED, JOINED.
firstUnread: Number
The first unread message, defaults to 0.
unread: Number
The number of unread messages, defaults to 0.
highlight: Number
The number of highlights, defaults to 0.
users: Map from String to User
The users of the channel, key is the lowercase nick, the value is the user object. Defaults to empty map.

#sendToBrowser(event: String, data: Object)

Emits an event to the browser client, with data in the body of the event.


event: String
Name of the event, must be something the browser will recognise.
data: Object
Body of the event, can be anything, but will need to be properly interpreted by the client.

#getChannel(channelId: Number)

Looks up a channel by ID.


channelId: Number
The id of the channel to return.

#sendMessage(text: String, chan: Chan)

Sends a message to this client, displayed in the given channel.
This message will be displayed as a plugin message, the sender will be the name of your plugin (define in your package.json under and defaults to the package name.


text: String
The content of the message.
chan: Chan
The channel to send this message into.